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Seriously Bonkers

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Seriously bonkers in the genre of volumetric lighting

Revised prompt

A seriously bonkers scene illuminated with the technique of volumetric lighting. Imagine an abstract composition defying the laws of physics and reality. Playful shapes and forms floating in a seemingly weightless environment, ambient light rays piercing through them, creating a dynamic game of shadows and highlights. The color scheme is vivid and dramatic, adding to the overall sense of surrealism. The dimensions seem distorted, time seems to stand still, and the laws of space as we know do not apply. This is a unique depiction of a truly chaotic and whimsical world.

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The original SB is attributed to my brother in law, Greg Penoyre, when I explained it to him in 2018.
My sister Kate was already seriously involved, having delivered her own splendid batch.


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26th February 2024