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Sequel's Better

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Sequel's better

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An image presenting the concept of a sequel surpassing its predecessor in terms of quality and reception. This could be visually represented as an old, faded movie reel being outshone or eclipsed by a newer, vibrant one in a metaphorical manner.


The sequel that I'm referring to in this case is the second book from Seriously Bonkers. It features over 100 selected bigrams which have been "synthesised by synthetic brains". ie All the images have been generated by Artificial Intelligence image generation routines.

Adobe Firefly (4) ChatGPT's 4o (50) ChatGPT's Cosmic Dream (2) ChatGPT's DALL·E (56) ChatGPT's Glibatree Art Designer (2) ChatGPT's Super Describe (3) DALL·E 3 (0) DeepAI (1) Image Creator from Microsoft Designer (120) my AI tool (267) Not AI (5)

The number of new images I've generated for SBs ( new and old ) exceeds the figures above since:

  1. Some SB's have more than one image
  2. I may have failed to classify a few of the images I created in late 2023, early 2024.


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10th July 2024