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Sensual Bewilderment

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Sensual bewilderment

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Illustrate the concept of sensual bewilderment. Show a figure standing in an abstract, vibrant landscape. There should be elements of touch, scent, and sound represented: soft silks draped loosely over the figure, bright multi-colored flowers with wispy tendrils of aroma wafting around, and musical notes floating in the air. The figure should be of Black descent and of non-binary gender, with an expression of awe and curiosity. Everything should have an ethereal glow, representing the sensory overload, yet, the overall color scheme should be soft and inviting to emphasize the sensual part of the experience.


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  • but went on the create images of a forest at twilight.
  • For my AI tool I reckon the safety system went tits up; it’s made a couple of boobs.


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7th April 2024