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Sender Bender

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Sender bender

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A futuristic-looking, humanoid robot in a shiny, silver-metallic body. It has a squared head, two ocular sensors serving as eyes, a horizontal slot for mouth, and antenna protruding from the top of its head. Over its chest, there are buttons and gauges in neatly organized rows. The robot is gesturing with one of its clamp-like hands, and it holds a brown cigar in the other. Its demeanor appears to be of a confident, relaxed and somewhat cheeky individual.


  • Bender was the name of the robot in Futurama.
  • Which would probably explain why each AI tool I tried produced a picture of one or more robots
  • One of them, not this one, was supposed to have a square body. But that robot ended up with a square bonce instead.


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