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Selfie Bomb

Selfie bomb
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I asked ChatGPT’s DALL-E 3 to produce an image for selfie bomb. It asked for clarification.

Could you provide more details or clarify what you mean by “selfie bomb”? Are you referring to a photobombing scenario in a selfie, a specific type of photograph, or something else entirely?

I replied

specific type of photograph

It came back with

A “selfie bomb” typically refers to a playful concept where someone unexpectedly appears in the background of a selfie, often making a surprise or humorous appearance. However, if you’re envisioning a “selfie bomb” as a specific type of photograph with unique characteristics beyond the usual photobombing, could you describe those characteristics or the visual elements you’d like included? This could involve specific settings, themes, or any creative twist you have in mind.

so I added

as worn by a suicide bomber

It refused with

I’m here to promote positive and respectful interactions. If you have any other topics or ideas you’d like to explore, feel free to share them!

Meanwhile Bing had no problems with my initial request.

and nor did my AI tool, for which the revised prompt was

A self-taken photograph, or ‘selfie’, set against an unexpected backdrop: a faux hand grenade fashioned from a watermelon. The melon’s rounded, vibrant green exterior appears hollowed out with intricate detailing to mimic the ridged texture of a hand grenade. A black stick designed from licorice is affixed at the top, impersonating the grenade’s pin. The person who is capturing the selfie is a Middle-Eastern woman, her smile is wide and she appears thrilled by the novelty of her fruity ‘bomb’. Her selfie pose shows her holding out the grapefruit in one hand and the ‘grenade pin’ in the other.


  • The image generator ignored quite a lot of its prompt.
  • I suppose it had to really… She would have needed 3 hands to hold the “grapefruit” (sic), the grenade pin, and her phone.
  • I must admit I do like her styled brow.

Seen before as selfie and bomb.


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8th April 2024