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Self Bailers

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Self bailers

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A collection of various types of bailers, tools used for bailing out water, scattered across a wooden table. The bailers are of different shapes, sizes, and materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. The setting is a rustic, well-used workshop with tools hanging on the wall in the background. The light is diffused, providing a soft shadow under the bailers, highlighting their unique design details.


  • These are the worst images that AI's produced in a long while.
  • When I was a teenager I sailed a Signet dinghy. It didn't have self bailers.
  • I certainly wouldn't have chosen any of these!

ChatGPT's DALL-E correctly described self bailers

Self bailers are devices used in boats, especially small ones like dinghies and kayaks, to automatically remove water that enters the boat. They are particularly useful in situations where the boat is moving, as the motion of the boat through the water can help to drive the mechanism that expels the water. Self bailers work without the need for manual intervention, which is why they're valued for enhancing safety and convenience. They can be simple, like a one-way valve that lets water out but not in, or more complex, involving mechanical parts that actively pump water out of the boat. The effectiveness of a self bailer depends on the design of the bailer, the speed of the boat, and the amount of water that needs to be removed.

then, in response to

show me a close up of one working, square aspect ratio

went on to produce this

Meanwhile, Bing had no idea what I meant by

close up of a self bailer in the hull of a dinghy

This is what I remember them looking like


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4th April 2024