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Segmented Ball

Segmented ball
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Sliced ball

Revised prompt

A 3D render of a ball sliced into two equal halves. The ball has a smooth and shiny texture. The interior of the sliced ball is revealed in this art. It has concentric layers of different colors. The visible outer surface is radiant red, while the various layers within the ball proceed from orange to yellow, then green, blue, indigo and finally, violet at the core. The interior mimics a rainbow pattern. The two halves of the sliced ball are positioned next to each other, resting on a plain background.


This is the picture of a sliced ball that I like the best. I would have preferred the image generation tool to have produced this for my sliced balata prompt.

But it didn’t, so I’m reusing this image instead of a photo of a Terry’s chocolate orange, which was one of the gifts presented to my sisters in 2016.

Sampled from Season’s Best.


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2nd March 2024