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Secular Bias

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Secular bias

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An abstract representation of secular bias, showing a large, balanced scale. On one side of the scale, there are symbols of modernity and progress such as books, a laptop, and a globe, representing secular values and ideas. On the other side, various religious symbols - a cross, a crescent moon, a Star of David, and a dharma wheel - are gently outweighed, indicating a subtle imbalance. The background is divided, one half depicting a bustling city skyline to symbolize the secular world, and the other half adorned with motifs of different religious architectures, such as a church, mosque, synagogue, and temple, to represent the religious spectrum. This image captures the tension and imbalance between secular and religious perspectives in society.


I noticed that quite a high proportion of the images created by AI had a circular bias. But circular doesn't start with an S so I changed it to secular.

I hadn't considered spherical bias.


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20th March 2024