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Secret Books

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Secret books

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An old, worn out wooden bookshelf filled with an eclectic collection of books marked ‘Secret’. The books vary in size, color, and age; some are large aged leather-bound with faded gold inscriptions on their spines, while others are small, modern and brightly colored. Amidst the books, there are curious-looking items: a tiny brass key, an extinguished candle with wax drips, and an aged parchment scroll tied with a red ribbon. The room is dimly lit by a low-hanging vintage lamp illuminating this treasure trove of secrecy. A comfy armchair is situated nearby inviting the mysteries to be discovered.


  • ChatGPT’s DALL-E and Bing both generated similar images.
  • But there’s no sense of scale.
  • Unless the armchair is a child’s it would appear that the book with SECRET written on it is about 2 foot tall.
  • Should be enough for all my passwords


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6th April 2024