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Secret Blend

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Image for secret blend for fried chicken

Revised prompt

A vibrant and appetizing scene showcasing a ‘secret blend’ for fried chicken. The image features a wooden table filled with various colorful spices and herbs in small bowls and jars. In the center, there is a bowl of golden, crispy fried chicken. The spices and herbs include paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, oregano, and a hint of cayenne pepper, among others. Fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme are scattered around. There is a sense of rustic charm with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The fried chicken looks crispy and delicious, with a golden-brown color.


  • Both my AI tool and Bing knew what I was on about but ChatGPT needed a bit more of a prompt.
  • This can’t be KFC’s secret blend – there’s more than 11 items.
  • The 11 spices in KFC’s mix, revealed in 2016, are:
    1. salt
    2. thyme
    3. basil
    4. oregano
    5. celery salt
    6. black pepper
    7. dried mustard
    8. paprika
    9. garlic salt
    10. ground ginger
    11. white pepper
  • I’ve omitted the number of tablespoons of each ingredient.


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6th June 2024