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Secret Ballet

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Secret ballet

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A hidden, enchanted forest clearing bathed in moonlight, where a group of ethereal, fairy-like dancers perform a secret ballet. The dancers, clad in shimmering, translucent costumes that reflect the moon's glow, move with supernatural grace and fluidity. Their wings, delicate and iridescent, flutter softly as they leap and twirl. The scene is magical, with ancient trees encircling the clearing, their branches stretching upwards towards the star-filled sky, and faint, bioluminescent flowers dotting the ground, casting a gentle light. This otherworldly ballet is witnessed only by the creatures of the forest, who watch in silent awe.


  • Corporal Jones, from Dad's Army, meant to say secret ballot.
  • That's what Bing interpreted the request as.
  • Its ballot was so secret there weren't any names on the ballot papers.


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