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Second Bunker

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Second bunker


Having commented to my playing partner that his ball had gone in the second bunker to the right of the 7th green I rather expected a picture portraying golf bunkers.

What Bing’s created is an underground bunker in a mountainous region.
Super Describe viewed it as

A digital illustration of an open vault door leading to a cozy, well-lit library with wooden shelves filled with books and artifacts, viewed from a dark, icy cave. The outside of the vault shows a snow-covered mountainous landscape under a clear blue sky, with people, a campsite, and vehicles in the distance. A helicopter flies overhead, and the foreground features a rolled-out carpet leading to the vault, and some books and equipment on the ground near the entrance. The image is rich in detail and color, with contrasting warm interior library lights and the cold blue tones of the snow and sky.

There’s something terribly wrong with the doors in both of these images.


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4th April 2024