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Second Book

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Second book: called "stupidly brilliant" the logical sequel to "seriously bonkers - silver bullet's scrap book"

Presenting the Second Book: "Stupidly Brilliant"

After the overwhelming response to "Seriously Bonkers - Silver Bullet's Scrap Book", the time has finally come for its much-anticipated sequel, "Stupidly Brilliant". Prepared to be intrigued, entertained and intrigued all over again by the spellbinding words and depths of meaning that this magnificent follow-up has in store.

"Stupidly Brilliant" pushes the boundaries yet again, defying convention and imaginatively exploring the incredible realms of wit and wisdom."

- Example Reviewer

What to expect from "Stupidly Brilliant"

"Stupidly Brilliant" is a glittering testament to the art of storytelling, transgressing the norms and breaking away from the predictable. You will witness the journey of exploration and self-discovery as the Silver Bullet delves deep into the realms of the "Stupidly Brilliant".

Prepare for a literary rollercoaster ride filled with surprises, suspense, and moments of pure genius that are guaranteed to leave you stunned and spellbound.

Join the Adventure

Ready for the next chapter in the Silver Bullet's journey? Hop on for a ride that's "Stupidly Brilliant"!

Continue the Journey

If you've enjoyed "Seriously Bonkers - Silver Bullet's Scrap Book", you simply can't miss the sequel. Trace the adventure as it continues in the world of the unexpected and the extraordinary.


If you're looking for the actual cover of the second book then you'll have to wait a couple more days.

I've got two versions on the go. There's the Standard Book and the Superior Book. The Superior Book has better quality printing and costs a lot more to produce. I'm waiting for proofs to see if it's worth it.

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