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Second Bit

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Second bit

Revised prompt

Depict the number 2 represented in binary, also known as a bit. The binary number should be visibly bold and clear, occupying the center of the image. Surrounding it, create an abstract pattern or design that conveys the idea of digital data or computer code. This design should be intricate yet clean, using simple shapes and minimal colors – predominantly blacks, whites, and blues. Keep the background of the image neutral, preferably in dark shades to highlight the binary number.


After the disastrous attempt to produce an image for second byte I thought I’d try second bit. This one’s just as bad.

  1. The number (2) isn’t represented in binary.
  2. The first sentence doesn’t make any sense.

I asked ChatGPT 4o’s opinion

Attempt to explain this sentence “Depict the number 2 represented in binary, also known as a bit.” Then produce an image for “second bit”.

It replied

The sentence “Depict the number 2 represented in binary, also known as a bit” is somewhat misleading because it conflates a bit with a binary number. A bit is the basic unit of information in computing and can have a value of either 0 or 1. When we represent the number 2 in binary, it is written as “10”. This means it is a 2-bit binary number, with the first bit (from the right) being 0 and the second bit being 1.

Now, I’ll produce an image representing the “second bit” of the binary representation of the number 2, which is 1.

The revised prompt for this image is

A simple, clean image showing the binary representation of the number 2 (which is 10) with an emphasis on the second bit from the right, highlighted in some way, possibly in a contrasting color or with an arrow pointing to it. The image should be minimalistic with clear labeling.

And that’s a load of bollocks as well!

BTW. One of the meanings of bit is “A binary digit; the smallest unit of data in a computer”.


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