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Seasonal Blooms

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Seasonal blooms

Revised prompt

A vivid depiction of the changing seasons through the lens of blooms. Imagine a circular frame divided into four equal sections. Each section represents a season: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Winter should depict a snow-covered landscape with sparse yet resilient evergreen trees. Spring should burst with color as cherry blossoms and tulips of varying hues begin to bloom, contrasting against a clear blue sky. Summer should glow with the full vibrance of sunflowers and marigolds under a blazing sun, mingling with lush green trees. Autumn should show a tinge of melancholy with the falling leaves, but also the fiery beauty of chrysanthemums and asters.


  • Once again ChatGPT’s DALL-E didn’t bother to generate an image immediately.
  • Instead it listed the 4 seasons and several plants that bloom.
  • And Bing went for still life paintings with the artist’s signature painted in white in the bottom right corner.
  • I don’t think it was a well known artist.


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6th April 2024