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Search Bing

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Written in my Little Black Book 3, on 20th September, I found "Search bing". I asked my AI tool for an image.

Search bing

OpenAI implemented its Safety block, but Bing Image creator didn't. So I tried again to receive a second blocking. I extended my prompt to

search bing, search bang, search bung, search bong, search beng

for which the revised prompt became

A visual depiction of the different expressions 'search bing', 'search bang', 'search bung', 'search bong', and 'search beng', with each being represented by a different magnifying glass scanning over giant letters spelling out each respective phrase. The spheres of the magnifying glasses could have various colors, and the letters they're scanning are in an old-typewriter font style with a vintage look to it. The background could be a soft gradient of different pastel colors.


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17th February 2024