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Seafood BBQ

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Seafood BBQ pencil sketch

Revised prompt

A detailed pencil sketch of a seafood barbecue. Lots of various shellfish and crustaceans, like lobsters, crabs, and clams, are spread out on a large grill. The seafood is being cooked over the hot coals, emitting a mouth-watering smell. Small curls of smoke drift up from the grill. You can see trunks of trees in the background, signifying the event is taking place in a suburban backyard. Shadows cast by the fire and the mood of the evening add a dramatic touch to the scene.


This was the best of a bad bunch. Without “pencil sketch” the images included smily people with atrocious eyes and teeth. Most of them had far too much food on their plates. One picture had a human skull on the BBQ.

Even in this drawing there are several deformed crustaceans. One with just two claws and others with a claw where their head should be.


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7th April 2024