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Scuppered Boat

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Scuppered boat

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A scuppered boat partially submerged in water, showing visible damage and decay. The boat is old and weathered, with barnacles and seaweed clinging to its hull. The water around it is murky, and there are signs of rust and broken parts. The scene is desolate, with an overcast sky and a sense of abandonment.


I also searched for scupper and found things I didn’t know.

A scupper is an opening in the side walls of a vessel or an open-air structure, which allows water to drain instead of pooling within the bulwark or gunwales of a vessel, or within the curbing or walls of a building.

Some people argue that you should skuttle boats. But others say that scupper meant “to ambush and massacre” in 19th-century military slang.


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