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Scrabble ‘B’

Scrabble 'B'
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When I first asked Bing to generate an image for Scrabble B it refused saying there wasn’t enough information. So I tried

Scrabble B, scrabble blank, scrabble board

and it came up with 4 images.

I then tried the same prompt with my AI tool. This image was generated for the revised prompt

An image of three Scrabble game elements: a Scrabble letter tile with the letter ‘B’, a Scrabble blank tile, and a Scrabble board. The ‘B’ tile and the blank tile are neatly positioned on the board, ready for a game to commence. The board has distinctive square patterns and the tiles are wooden with engraved alphabets.

Note once again the problems

  • The size of the tiles compared to the squares
  • That a B can be worth 1, 3 or 5 points
  • There should only 2 B’s in the scrabble bag.
  • The image generator didn’t create the Scrabble blank
  • DAABTEORI doesn’t mean anything; but daab is a make of vaporizer, and teori is the Danish ( + 6 other languages) for theory.

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