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Schoolgirl Bores

Schoolgirl bores
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Schoolgirl bores

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3 schoolgirls who tell very boring stories

Revised prompt

Three schoolgirls sitting together in a classroom, each taking turns telling stories. The classroom is typical with desks, a blackboard, and educational posters on the walls. The girls are around 12-13 years old, wearing traditional school uniforms consisting of pleated skirts and white blouses. One girl is speaking animatedly, while the other two listen with expressions of boredom, yawning and looking distracted. The setting conveys a quiet, mundane afternoon in school.


It would appear that the one in the middle is repeating the story of when she lost both her hands.

And the one on the right can’t escape since she’s trapped in her desk with a metal bar through her feet.

Which is probably what keeps her in place since her stool doesn’t have any legs on the RHS.

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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