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Satan’s Bolete

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Satan’s bolete

Revised prompt

A detailed illustration of Rubroboletus satanas, known as Satan’s bolete, in its natural forest habitat. The mushroom should have a large, stout form with a whitish to yellow cap and red or reddish pores on its underside that bruise blue when damaged. It’s situated near oak or beech trees, emphasizing its typical woodland environment. The stem is depicted as thick, bulbous, and adorned with a reddish or pinkish network pattern. The forest floor is covered with fallen leaves and the atmosphere should convey the mystery and caution associated with this toxic species.


In the script of the 100 foot journey it was described as “Satan’s boletus” and didn’t look anything like this.

This picture doesn’t look like the real thing either.

Apparently the red pores stain blue.


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3rd April 2024