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Sash Bash

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A sash with bash embroidered on it

Revised prompt

An elegantly designed sash, draped gracefully, with the word ‘BASH’ embroidered in bold, decorative letters across its length. The fabric is a rich, vibrant color, adding a sense of celebration and prestige to the item. The embroidery thread shimmers slightly, suggesting a high-quality, metallic thread. The background is blurred to emphasize the sash, highlighting its details and craftsmanship.


  • I was thinking of rhyming SB’s when I came across sash bash, just after salty balti, and before shells bells.
  • The images generated for a party where everyone is wearing a sash were pretty naff
  • So I went for the simplest solution; bash on a sash
  • Prior to that ChatGPT’s DALL-E replied

“Sash Bash” sounds like a fun and potentially colorful event! Could you give me more details or context about it? Are you looking for ideas, planning tips, or something else related to organizing or attending a Sash Bash?

  • It turns out that a Sash bash is something done in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • It’s also part of the lyrics of the song 48 crash, by Suzi Quatro


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9th April 2024