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Sanity Bit

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Sanity bit


When I asked ChatGPT about a sanity bit it came up with a fairly plausible answer.

A sanity bit is a mechanism used in computer systems and networks to check the validity or integrity of data. It acts as a simple form of error checking to ensure that the data being processed or transmitted is accurate and has not been corrupted.

In more detail:

1. **Purpose**: The primary purpose of a sanity bit is to provide a quick and easy way to verify that the data is sane, meaning it adheres to expected formats or values. This helps in detecting errors early in the process.

2. **Operation**: Typically, a sanity bit is a single binary digit (0 or 1) added to a data set or packet. The specific implementation can vary, but the bit is used in conjunction with certain rules or algorithms to check the data's validity.

3. **Error Detection**: While it is a simple form of error checking, the sanity bit can help in detecting common errors such as data corruption during transmission or processing. If the data does not conform to the expected pattern when the sanity bit is checked, an error is flagged.

4. **Applications**: Sanity bits are used in various applications, including computer memory systems, communication protocols, and data storage systems, where ensuring data integrity is crucial.

In summary, a sanity bit is a straightforward and efficient tool for ensuring data integrity and detecting errors in various computer and network systems.

But the image it produced was garbage. Bing's attempts were more fun.

When I did a search for sanity bit in Google I couldn't find any articles that would back up what ChatGPT told me. I imagine it was thinking of parity bits.

Based on this load of shameless bollocks my new requirement is for AI to always return a sanity bit in its results, especially when producing images.

Sanity bit value Meaning
1 - true I checked what I told you and put in the revised prompt with the image that I generated and it all looks right to me.
0 - false It appears that I've ignored most of the instructions I gave myself and generated something that doesn't match your requirements.

My gut feeling, however, is that it will implement it as follows.

Sanity bit value Meaning
1 - true This is the right answer. Straight up. Trust me. Would I lie to you?
0 - false Man, what a trip.

I've had a rethink. I think it needs to be sanity byte. It will represent the probability that the result matches the expectations. Again, my gut feeling will be that AI will only ever return 2 values.


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27th June 2024