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Sandy Birdie

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Sandy birdie – an image of a golf ball that was in a sandy bunker but was played out onto the green and rolled into the hole. Show the path of the ball as it flies through the air and rolls along the green. The golf ball has a lower case h written on it in red ink.

Originally Sampled from Sandy bit.


I had another go at generating an image for sandy birdie.

The revised prompt was

A highly detailed scene on a golf course, capturing the moment a golf ball transitions from a sandy bunker onto the green and eventually rolls into the hole. The ball is unique, marked with a lower case ‘h’ in red ink. The image should vividly depict the path of the ball: starting with its trajectory as it flies out of the bunker, showing a trail of sand in its wake, then transitioning to its rolling path along the meticulously maintained green, curving gently before dropping into the hole. The scene is bathed in the soft light of late afternoon, casting long shadows and highlighting the textures of the sand, grass, and the ball’s journey.

  • This time ChatGPT’s DALL-E did a bit better, showing the path of the ball.
  • It still can’t do a lower case h.
  • It looks like the pin’s been positioned for a greenkeeper’s revenge
  • What do you reckon? Should the ball be shown in its ending position; just about to fall into the hole?

In other images that I had generated, AI must have realised the only way I’m going to get a sandy birdie is if the pin/hole is in the same bunker as the ball.


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6th April 2024