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Sandwiched Bibliophilic

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In 2004, chapter 10 of Dave Gorman’s book Googlewhack Adventure was entitled Bibliophilic Sandwiched. I received a copy of this book for Christmas. Having listened to his story on a CD, while driving to Futuroscope in Poitier, and subsequently watched the DVD, I searched for a Googlewhack myself, coming up with Sulphurous Brewmasters. I didn’t realise until yesterday that I could have saved a bit of time by swapping words around and making a Sandwiched Bibliophilic. It reads nicer.

I also discovered today that a) you can no longer get told if you’ve got a Googlewhack b) The website no longer exists. For more information on Googlewhack see Googlewhack: Wikipedia

Other SB’s found in the latter half of Dave’s book are: sugarswain barlooms ( which appears to be a GoogleWhack, silent b – used to explain how to pronounce ‘schwwmb’ – the sound of a car door closing on a good car, slurry baptiste – chapter 20’s title words switched, slender body – describing a Langur monkey and sound booth – where Donald Sutherland was a real perfectionist. Thanks Dave.


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8th February 2020