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Same Bloke

Same bloke
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Two pictures of the same bloke, a supercilious barista, produced for the revised prompt

Imagine a scene in a cozy, rustic cafe filled with warm lighting and wooden decor. In the center, a barista stands behind the espresso machine with an air of superiority. The barista is dressed in a stylish, yet somewhat pretentious, apron over casual chic attire, sporting a meticulously groomed beard and hairstyle that scream effort but are meant to look effortless. With one eyebrow raised, they give a slightly disdainful look to a customer, as if questioning the customer’s coffee choice. The cafe is bustling with activity, but the barista maintains a cool, detached demeanor, embodying the essence of superciliousness amidst the steam rising from the espresso machine.

Is he the same bloke that Bing was thinking of when prompted with supercilious barista?

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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25th March 2024