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Salted Balaclava

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A couple of days ago I thought “If I were ever tempted to eat my hat I’d choose a salted balaclava“. Now I’m not so sure.

Original prompt

Salted balaclava

Revised prompt

A balaclava made of salt crystals. The balaclava, which is a full-head covering that exposes only a part of the face, is intricately crafted using tiny, shimmering, white salt crystals. The unique headgear glistens under natural daylight, reflecting varying shades of light. The texture is rough due to the uneven surfaces of the salt crystals. Despite its brittle nature, the salted balaclava is surprisingly well-structured and maintains its form. The peculiar concept evokes a sense of both awe and curiosity, inadvertently challenging the conventional notions of materials used in fashion and clothing.


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5th April 2024