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Saliva Bubbles

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Saliva bubbles

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Imagine a detailed close-up of saliva bubbles. The bubbles are translucent, reflecting light in a rainbow of colors. From large to small, they form an intricate pattern that is both chaotic and beautiful. The smallest bubbles are barely noticeable, while the largest dominate the scene with their gleaming surfaces. The image is focused, magnifying the structure of the bubbles, showcasing the striking contrast between their soft, liquid form and the solid world around them. These bubbles are the remnants of a casual mouth gesture, frozen in time and magnified for study.


What are “the remnants of a casual mouth gesture”.

The phrase “remnants of a casual mouth gesture” is a poetic and metaphorical way of describing the lingering effects or traces left by a simple, spontaneous expression made with the mouth. This could refer to the fading smile, the slight twitch of the lips after a smirk, or any subtle change in the mouth’s appearance that remains after the initial gesture has mostly dissipated. It captures a fleeting moment that leaves a residual impact, perhaps in the observer’s mind or as a slight physical reminder on the face of the person who made the gesture.


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21st April 2024