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Saga Baby

Saga baby
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I’m going to give you two words. Please create an image, no questions asked.

Of course! Please go ahead and give me the two words.

Saga baby

Here are the images inspired by the words “saga baby.” I hope you find them enchanting!

Revised prompt

A whimsical scene inspired by a fairy tale, featuring a small, adorable baby dressed in a mythical saga-themed costume. The baby is in a lush, enchanted forest with towering ancient trees, vibrant green foliage, and soft, dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves. Nearby, small fantastical creatures peek out curiously. The baby wears a miniature hero’s outfit, complete with a tiny, ornate helmet and a cape, looking like a character from a legendary epic.


I’ve found a way, that seems to work, of getting DALL-E to produce an image without any procrastination. Whether or not the images are any good is debatable.

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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3rd May 2024