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B-word: bubbles

  • Some Bubbles


    Some bubbles

    Revised prompt

    Imagine a beautiful scene filled with delicate, iridescent soap bubbles floating in the air. These bubbles shimmer with a multitude of colors that dance on their surface as they catch the light. Some bubbles are large enough to catch detailed reflections of the environment, while others are smaller, perfectly spherical and coated in a fine layer of mist. The background is a clear blue sky, offering a contrasting backdrop that highlights the ethereal beauty and the ephemeral nature of these bubbles. The bubbles appear weightless as they drift lazily in the gentle breeze.


    This bigram should have been sampled indirectly from saliva bubbles which led to smallest bubbles. But something went wrong. And now we should also have another entry for soap bubbles. Turns out we already did!

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    12th July 2024

B-word: bubbles