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B-word: Bowl

  • Spittoon Bowl


    Spittoon bowl

    Revised prompt

    An image of an old-fashioned spittoon bowl. The bowl is made of finely polished brass, with intricate engravings running around its sides. The contours are smooth, immaculately shaped to a shallow depth. Its wide rim circles around the top, reflecting a soft glow from its polished surface. It stands firmly on a stout base. The inside of the bowl, partially shadowed, shows signs of age and use, pointing to a long history. The setting is a dusty wooden floor, giving a distinct western saloon ambiance to this image.


    • Todays spittoon bowls are far more complicated.
    • Dental spittoon bowls have complicated valves, but some are prone to emptying slowly.
    • This is most likely due to a blocked filter.
    • I won’t show you a photo of a blocked filter.
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    21st April 2024