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B-word: balls

  • Stealing Balls


    Crow stealing golf balls

    Revised prompt

    A clever crow caught in the act of stealthily stealing shiny golf balls from a golfer’s bag on a lush, sun-drenched golf course. The scene unfolds with the crow, black feathers gleaming in the sunlight, carefully picking up a golf ball in its beak, while an array of golf balls lay scattered around its feet. In the background, a golfer, caught between surprise and amusement, watches the crow’s antics. The golf course is vibrant with meticulously maintained green fairways, a clear blue sky overhead, and distant rolling hills, creating a serene yet playful atmosphere.


    • ChatGPT’s DALL-E 3 now supports selection and edit.
    • It took me two attempts to get it to remove the golfer.
    • The golfer must have been a real numpty – with a bag full of golf balls and no clubs!
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    4th April 2024