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B-word: ball

  • Smart Ball


    Smart Ball

    Revised prompt

    Imagine a futuristic smart ball. This cutting-edge piece of tech is made up of intricate internal circuitry, glows with a pulsating blue light, and hovers slightly above the ground. On its smooth metallic surface, holographic user interfaces flicker in and out of view, displaying various bits of data. The smart ball is in a lively, high tech room filled with other smart technology gadgets.


    I was hoping that AI would produce an image of a smart ball as used for the 6 Nations Championship

    I asked ChatGPT’s DALL-E for

    Smart Ball

    and it told me

    A smart ball is a sports ball equipped with integrated sensors and technology that can track and analyze its performance, such as speed, spin, trajectory, and impact. These data points are then transmitted to a connected app or device, providing players, coaches, and enthusiasts with detailed insights into the gameplay or training session. Smart balls are available for various sports, including football (soccer), basketball, golf, and baseball, helping to enhance training methods, improve player skills, and increase engagement with the sport through detailed analytics and feedback.

    I then asked it to

    draw a smart rugby ball.

    Its revised prompt was

    A futuristic rugby ball designed as a smart sports equipment, featuring sleek, aerodynamic contours and integrated technology panels. The ball is equipped with sensors and LEDs that illuminate to indicate different functions, such as tracking speed, spin, and trajectory. It’s made of a durable, high-tech material that looks both sophisticated and sporty, with visible circuit patterns and glowing elements to highlight its smart features. The background is a digital grid, suggesting advanced technology and connectivity, emphasizing the ball’s integration with digital devices for performance analysis.

    It drew this

    When was the last time you saw laces on a rugby ball?

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    17th March 2024