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B-word: bag

  • Split Bag


    Split bag, as in tea bag

    Revised prompt

    A tea bag that has been split open, spilling out all its content. The tea bag is made of white porous paper, stitched at the edges with a string attached. The split is ragged and jagged, revealing dark brown tea leaves inside. The spilled out tea leaves are scattered around the tea bag. The background is a neutral wooden table surface.


    Lee Mack was referring to the problems of throwing a tea bag into a mug, as he demonstrated his technique of throwing his tea bag from 4 large paces into his mug. I’ve also been throwing my tea bags into my mugs, but only from 2 paces. I only throw one and have to retrieve it each time.

    When I first asked for

    split bag

    my AI tool produced a revised prompt of

    Visualize an image of a bag that appears to have been split right down the middle, with its contents spilling out. The bag should be made of cloth material, subtly textured, and should be in a neutral color like beige, grey or brown. Its contents could vary from everyday items like keys, a wallet, a few coins, a small notebook, and perhaps a water bottle. Make the imagery realistic and the angle such that we can see the items emerging from the split.

    coming up with a bag with a ZIP that fades away, and one handle that seems to emanate from the middle.

    meanwhile Bing decided to produce a bag containing apples, carrots with their tops cut off, pencils and crayons, variously sized smarties, a small pair of scissors and a spiral bound notebook.

    ChatGPT’s was similarly filled and appeared to be exploding.

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    21st March 2024