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Year: 1961

  • Scuffed Basketball


    Scuffed basketball

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    A well-worn basketball on an outdoor basketball court. The ball is showing signs of heavy use over many games, with scuff marks and worn patches across its surface. A chain-link fence can be seen in the background. The time is sunset, and the golden hues of the setting sun are casting long, dynamic shadows across the court.


    Discovered in my re-reading of Catch-22, having found the book in the village book exchange.

    It's in Chapter 6 - Hungry Joe , p. 67

    just after Colonel Cathcart had appointed Major Major as the new squadron commander.

    Major Major was immobilised by the news.

    He stood speechless, lanky and gawking, with a scuffed basketball in his long hands as the seeds of  rancor  sown so swiftly by Colonel Cathcart took root in the soldiers around him who had been playing basketball with him and who had let him come as close to making friends with them as anyone had ever let him come before.

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      Year: 1961